Akasa Air to Allow Passengers to Bring  Pets Onboard

Now that pets are permitted onboard flights in India, Akasa Air will be the second airline in the country to offer this service.

Domesticated dogs and cats are welcome in both the passenger cabin and the cargo hold  according to the airline.

However, after checking in at the airport, only small pets up to  seven kg are allowed in the passenger cabin.

Animals that are heavier than seven kilogrammes and up to  100 kilogrammes will be transported in the cargo area.

Beginning on October 15, the airline will accept reservations for pets for departures beginning on November 1.

The vented container used to transport them is also included  in the weight restriction.

The pet policy would be improved over time, according to Praveen Iyer, co-founder and chief commercial officer of Akasa Air. "This is phase-1 of our launch,"  he added.

Two pets are allowed onboard  with Air India. Dogs, cats, and  birds are some of these. However, they are limited to a maximum weight of 5 kg.

Pets must be restrained and muzzled. Pets are frequently subject to additional baggage  fees from airlines.

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