Anne Hathaway  reflects on the hate  she endured after winning her Oscar

Anne Hathaway chooses to  view the difficult time that followed her Academy Award victory over ten years ago as an "opportunity" to grow.

Hathaway, whose performance  in "Les Misérables" in 2012  earned her an Oscar for best supporting actress,

On Monday night, Elle spoke  at a Women in Hollywood event about the abuse she received online and in the media before  and, especially, after winning.

"I was given the chance to view  the language of hatred from a  new viewpoint ten years ago,"  For background, I used this language with myself ever  since I was seven.

when, for instance, the entire volume of the internet suddenly becomes the source of your  self-inflicted misery, It is something.

In response to her experience, Hathaway stated that she had come to the conclusion that  "I had no desire to have anything  to do with this stream of energy" and that "I would no longer  make work from this location."

"For any reason, I would no  longer give it my attention, live  in fear of it, or use its language. any person. I included,"  she added.

Hathaway received numerous honours for her performance  that year, including a Golden  Globe and a BAFTA, and was widely regarded as the Oscar  front-runner.

Existence and behaviour are  two distinct things, Hathaway continued. "Be especially joyful  for successful ladies. It's  really not that difficult.

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