Austin younger brother Aaron in Padres NLCS Game 2 win

Austin Nola, a catcher for the Padres, pulled up a chair on Wednesday afternoon, grabbed a cold beverage, and then sat  back, looked up, and sighed.

He tried to feel euphoria but  was unable. He wanted to  call his parents right away,  but it felt weird.

He murmured, "I've got to  get a hold of my brother. "I  hope he's feeling happy. I'm concerned for his wellbeing.

With one swing of the bat,  Nola completely changed the course of Wednesday's game, sparking a wild rally that helped San Diego defeat the  Philadelphia Phillies 8-5.

Nola's career's pinnacle  moment was also its most heartbreaking one. You see, his younger brother, Phillies ace  Aaron Nola, was the one  who took the hit.

A.J. Nola, their father, who watched the game while  sporting a Padres cap, a  Phillies jersey, and a Padres  jersey underneath, remarked,  "That was very difficult to  watch." Words simply  cannot express it.

A.J. Nola grabbed his phone  as he struggled to control his feelings. He opened the image  that had been emailed to him earlier in the day.

His two sons went to Catholic  High in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the entire baseball team  was there.

The Nola brothers were playing each other in Game 2 of the  NLCS. A.J. Nola declared,  "That is the coolest photo  I've ever seen."

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