Axel Acosta and  Brianna Rodriguez  killed at Travis Scott's Astroworld

Attorneys have reported that  the families of two victims who passed away during the  Astroworld music festival last  year have resolved wrongful  death cases.

At the Travis Scott event in Houston on November 5, a  major crowd rush resulted  in ten fatalities and hundreds  of injuries.

Attorney Tony Buzbee disclosed  on Wednesday that the family of Axel Acosta, 21, had reached a settlement in their legal dispute with more than 20 defendants.

"Please keep Axel Acosta's  family in your prayers. He is  deeply missed," Buzbee said  in a statement. "Axel Acosta  was a beloved son, brother, and student. He was gentle  and loving.

Acosta, a student at Western Washington University  majoring in computer science, travelled by herself to  Houston for the festival.

Authorities posted a photo of  him in an effort to enlist public assistance after first having problems identifying him.

The news that the family of another victim, 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez, had also reached a settlement was  initially reported by KTRK-TV.

According to court documents,  the Rodriguez family's lawsuit against defendants Live Nation, Scott, and other parties was resolved on July 22.

Rodriguez was previously characterised by her family as  a Houston high school junior  who had a passion for dance.

"Brianna Rodriguez was devoted  to her parents, her entire family, her close friends, and her classmates at Heights High School. She will be sadly missed.

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