Ben Simmons scores 4 points, fouls out of Brooklyn Nets debut

When the Brooklyn Nets  swapped James Harden for divisive Philadelphia 76ers  player Ben Simmons in February  of last year, they were looking  to shake things up.

They thought that Simmons  would help their squad get back  on track after a poor season. Simmons unfortunately never  took the field because of  injuries.

Simmons made his formal  debut with Brooklyn on  Wednesday night against the Pelicans in the Nets' regular-season opener.

For a player recognised for  his versatility as a Swiss Army Knife, things probably couldn't have gone worse.

Oh, and with 9:01 remaining in  the fourth quarter, Simmons  fouled out. (Throughout the  entire game, Zion Williamson  (25 points) largely controlled Simmons.)

"There are small things that  your head might tell you to do  but your body's not wanting to  do that after having back  surgery and taking a year  off from the game."

In a crushing defeat of  130-108, Brooklyn struggled  and arguably could have used  him in the last minutes.

Although the season is lengthy, Simmons will undoubtedly need  to pick it up if he wants to play a significant role in Brooklyn's overall dynamic.

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