Broncos' Garett Bolles suffers broken leg

Late in regulation, the left tackle for the Broncos was carried off  the field. The best case scenario is a six-week absence.

Worst case scenario: He misses the remainder of the season.

Garett Bolles, a left tackle who shattered his right leg on  Thursday, will be gone for at  least six weeks and maybe the entire season for the Broncos.

With 3:58 remaining in the fourth quarter, Bolles was blocking for Mike Boone on a running play when another player unintentionally rolled on the back of the left tackle's legs from behind.

Before being taken into the trainer's room, Bolles lay on the ground on the field for a while.

X-rays identified the break, but additional testing is required to assess its severity.

Since being selected by the Broncos in the first round at selection No. 20 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft, Bolles had  started 81 of a possible  85 games.

His first three seasons were difficult, to the point where team management decided not to exercise his fifth-year option.

Wilson came back and caught every pass. Due to injury, Jewell and Darby were unable to participate in the second half.

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