Cardi B absolved in  legal battle over racy mixtape cover art

Cardi B in a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement involving  a man who claimed the  Grammy-winning rapper improperly utilised his back  tattoos for her suggestive  mixtape cover art from 2016.

Kevin Michael Brophy did not establish that Cardi B inappropriately used his  likeness, according to the Southern California federal  jury's ruling.

The artist appeared happy as  she hugged her lawyers after  the jury forewoman announced the verdict.

Prior to hearing the verdict,  Cardi B thanked the jury and admitted she was "very scared."

She remarked after the hearing,  "I wasn't sure if I was going  to lose or not.

More than 40 high school  students who were chanting her name surrounded her as well as several reporters and cameras.

She said, "Yes, I'll see what  I can do," to a fan who put up a placard asking if she might accompany him to his homecoming dance.

"I promised myself that if I  won, I would curse Mr. Brophy  out. But I can't bring myself to curse at him," she remarked.

Cardi B and Brophy exchanged pleasantries in the courtroom  and shook hands.

A year after the rapper's 2016 mixtape was made public,  Brophy filed the complaint.

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