Carly Simon mourns sisters who died one  day apart

Carly Simon is grieving the loss  of her two older sisters, Lucy  and Joanna Simon, who both succumbed to cancer one  day apart.

Joanna Simon, the eldest of  the Simon sisters and a well-known opera soprano and  Emmy-winning TV  correspondent, passed  away on Wednesday atthe  age of 85 from thyroid cancer.

Larry Ciancia, Larry Simon's manager. Ciancia also confirmed that Lucy Simon, the composer  of the Broadway musical "The Secret Garden," passed away on Thursday at the age of 82 after battling breast cancer.

"Their loss will linger and be painful. Even though today is a  sad day, Carly Simon observed,  "it's hard to grieve them without celebrating their amazing lives.

"We were three sisters who  were secret shares as well as taking turns blazing trails and marking paths for one another.

The children were born to Simon & Schuster publisher Richard Simon and his wife, Andrea.

Their photographer brother  Peter passed away from cancer  in 2018 at the age of 71.

The singer of "You're So Vain" stated, "I have no words to describe the feeling of suddenly becoming the only direct  offspring of Richard and  Andrea Simon.

They had a profound impact on everyone they met, and those  of us left behind will be fortunate and privileged to preserve  their memory.

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