Chess player accused of cheating files $100-million defamation lawsuit

Grandmaster of chess Hans Niemann has filed a defamation lawsuit against Magnus Carlsen  on claims of cheating.

Hans Niemann, a grandmaster from the United States, sued the five-time world champion on Thursday.

The next development in the scandal involving cheating in competitive chess involves Magnus Carlsen and the web service

The complaint was brought in  the U.S. A little over six weeks have passed since Niemann's unexpected victory over  Carlsen at the Sinquefield  Cup in St. Louis.

Louis, which caused Carlsen to leave the event unannounced  and suddenly.

Three weeks later, Carlsen  made a formal accusation of cheating against Niemann  in a statement.

In the complaint, Niemann  argues that the Norwegian's accusation of adultery has seriously hurt both his  reputation and career. He is  asking for $100 million in compensation.

Niemann's life has been  devastated by the defendants  "just because he possessed the ability, commitment, and  audacity to overcome the  so-called 'King of Chess,'"

Danny Rensch, a representative  of, Play Magnus, Carlsen's online chess site,

Niemann's claims, according  to's legal team,  "have no merit," and the case  "hurts the game of chess and  its loyal players and fans throughout the world."

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