Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reportedly had an argument with Robert Kraft

Jerry Jones, the owner of  the Dallas Cowboys, and Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, very certainly had an argument on Tuesday during the NFL Fall Meetings.

The dispute apparently arose  from the pay committee  starting to draft Roger  Goodell's new deal.

With Jones being the lone opponent and telling Kraft,  "Don't f—- with me," the vote  was 31-1 in support of allowing  the open discussions to begin.

"It doesn't surprise me or, to be quite honest, disappoint  me that anything stated in a meeting that you would think would have a lot of actual exclusivity doesn't.

I don't find it strange that it's  out," Jones remarked on Friday  on his regular Dallas radio  show on 105.3 The Ticket.

"When you are in those circumstances, you may  express yourself in a variety  of ways because you are surrounded by people  you know.

In this particular instance,  I'd say it's probably appropriate  to say that I expressed myself in an unseemly manner."

Jones stated that while he  is a "true supporter" of Goodell,  he has concerns about the  terms of his deal.

When it came to how we were going to deal with the commissioner or his successor, Jones remarked, "What you were hearing from me, or what you heard, was a problem with the structure."

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