Daughters of ex-NBA player Jayson Williams denounce his  St. John's

Former NBA All-Star Jayson Williams' daughters have  criticised St. John's University.

Despite the charges, the school decided to induct their father  into the athletic hall of fame.

Both Whizdom Williams and Tryumph sent open letters to  The Associated Press on Friday.

Sent a letter to St. John's that stated the institution ought to  be ashamed of itself for including him in the class on Saturday  during homecoming weekend.

For the unintentional shooting murder of his chauffeur Costas Christofi in his New Jersey house, 54-year-old Williams spent more than a year in prison.

18-year-old Whizdom J.  Williams, a Fashion Institute  of Technology student,

Accused her father of being a "deadbeat father who lacks any sense of regret" and an  alcoholic.

Williams was accused by  the sisters of emotional and  verbal abuse, negligence, and other offences. Williams, a  power forward who previously signed a six-year,

The New Jersey Nets' $86  million contract does not give enough funding.

A 19-year-old theatre student  at DePaul University named Tryumph Jaye Williams  recounted claims that Williams  had her sister imprisoned in a trash chute.

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