Dr. Fate speaks:  Pierce Brosnan on his 'Black Adam' destiny

Pierce Brosnan has long desired  to participate in the Golden Age  of comic book movies from  the sidelines.

The James Bond actor had  the event with "The Black Adam Kent Nelson is excellently portrayed by Brosnan, 69.

He is changed into Dr. Fate by  the enchanted gold Helmet of Nabu, a superhero who,  according to Brosnan, is "the  most powerful sorcerer in the pantheon of superheroes.""

In order to portray the married character of Dr. Fate, Brosnan decided to wear his own wedding ring for the first time on camera.

Along with Hawkman, he contributed his own charm,  wit, and gorgeous facial hair  to the important Justice  Society member.

He won the admiration of  outlaw antihero Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson).

Well, everything was fantastic  up to Dr. Fate's heroic death at  the end of "Black Adam."

The Justice Society was only  killed honourably by the supervillain Sabbac. According  to Brosnan, "I sacrifice my life  for the life of my colleagues."

While filming in Atlanta,  Brosnan even teased his pal, producer Beau Flynn,  about Dr. Fate's fate.

Brosnan recalls, "I told him  thank you for the chance, but  then you kill off my character.  He passes away just as I'm  starting my voyage through  the DC Comics universe.

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