French author Annie  Ernaux awarded the  Nobel Prize in literature

The French author of "A Girl's  Story" and "The Years," Annie Ernaux, will receive the 2022  Nobel Prize in Literature.

Mats Malm, the permanent secretary of the Swedish  Academy, made the  announcement on Thursday.

However, Malm predicted that Annie Ernaux would soon be  aware of the news. "We haven't been able to reach Annie Ernaux  on the phone yet," Malm added.

Abdulrazak Gurnah, a Tanzanian-born author now residing in the United Kingdom and whose works examine the effects of migration  on people and societies, won the award the previous year.

Gurnah was only the sixth Nobel laureate in literature to be born in Africa, and it has long been argued that the award places too much emphasis on authors from Europe and North America.

There are only 16 women among the 118 laureates, making it a largely male organisation.

The literature prize was able to move past years of controversy and scandal thanks to the  awards to Gurnah in 2021 and American poet Louise Glück in 2020.

The physics award was shared by three experts on Tuesday. Alain Aspect of France and John F.

The United States' Carolyn R. received the chemistry Nobel  Prize on Wednesday.

The cash awards for the prizes total 10 million Swedish kronor,  or roughly $900,000. They will be distributed on December 10.

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