Hanako Greensmith Just Honored Hawkins

Chicago Fire has provided us with some tragic moments this season. Display A: In the third episode of Season 11.

The brave Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) was tragically slain  when a building collapsed  on him, leaving behind his  lover, Violet Mikami.

Hawkins' departure definitely affected Violet, and it appears  that Mikami, who is portrayed by Hanako Greensmith, will mourn him just as much.

Greensmith honoured the time the two spent working on the series together in a sweet collection of pictures that she shared on her Instagram page.

Then, we got a behind-the-scenes peek with her and Nicholas  smiling and posing with  assurance in front of a  Chicago fire truck.

She shared a humorous mirror selfie of them covered in shaving cream inside their trailer to make things even prettier and more private.

She also shared a melancholy photo of Nicholas amusingly pointing at the camera.

A picture of him grinning inside the fire engine. We then see a picture of Nicholas calmly posing in front of a tree on a sunny day to wrap things up.

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