Harry Potter star Tom Felton recalls harrowing rehab escape

When a stranger posed a question to Tom Felton, he was a long distance from Hogwarts and it would permanently alter his life.

In his book "Beyond the Wand:  The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard," the actor, now 36, remembers.

One night he tried to walk the miles to a pub he frequented in West Hollywood, California.

Along the way, Felton entered a gas station while wearing shabby clothing and denying his drunkenness.

The instant solution was clear. Felton gained notoriety when, at age 13, he was cast as Draco Malfoy in the "Harry Potter" movies.

He is a model for toys. For Halloween, kids all across the world dress as him.

Speaking over Zoom from  London and with a "Platform  9 3/4" sign and several potted plants in the background,

Felton claims he never intended  to write his book, which was motivated by the anecdotes he  had jotted down over the years.

Felton also acknowledges that  he had no intention of  disclosing the terrifying details  of his escape from rehab until  a close friend from the  wizarding community  persuaded him to do so.

According to Felton, "Emma (Watson) was a tremendous  force of encouragement to say, "This will resonate with people."

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