Hellraiser Movies  Ranked (Including Hellraiser 2022)

All of the Hellraiser films,  including the most recent entry, Hellraiser, are graded from worst to best (2022).

One of the most recognisable horror franchises is Hellraiser, and to mark the debut of the newest film, Hellraiser (2022),

All of the Hellraiser films have been ranked, from worst to finest. These are the order of the Hellraiser films.

Hellworld, unquestionably the weakest of the Hellraiser movies, at least delivers on the gore, despite the storyline and premise being a complete disaster.

A script that is clearly intended for DVD release. Yet there are some enjoyable times. We should mention there were some  BLOODY good times.

The main problem with Hellseeker is that it feels too disjointed.

I'm not sure what genre it belongs to, but it disrupts the typical Hellraiser flow. Good times are rare and far between.

The reason Deader is positioned in the middle of the list of the best Hellraiser movies is because it begins to take itself seriously  once more. It has its ups and downs.

Fans were only hoping for that at this point, even though parts of the screenplay are a jumble and  don't entirely deliver.

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