Hellraiser Review: Tired Reboot Reeks of  Unfulfilled Potential

Clive Barker, a well-known horror author and director, frequently commented on his feature  picture debut, Hellraiser.

In fact, he claimed that he had almost no idea what he was doing when creating it and that he would have believed someone if they had shown him a dish of spaghetti and described it as a kind of lens.

However much experience the director of this cutting-edge streaming reboot, David Bruckner, may have, his creation cannot  even begin to compare to the (literary) vision of a rookie like Barker.

Hellraiser was a moderate hit that gave birth to a ten-title franchise and was adapted from Barker's original novella The Hellbound Heart.

What we receive is a somewhat tedious two hours, with actors  that hardly sustain our interest  for that long.

Riley (Odessa A'zion), a recovering addict who shares a small flat  with her worried brother Matt  and his partner Colin, is the unassuming lead.

We never sense the dark backstory of Hellraiser's central character, which is a major flaw.

The series' enduring creatures, the cenobites, have inspired designs that are both frightful and utterly absurd, and they generally resemble uninspired, tacky Halloween costumes.

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