Jake Paul defeats UFC legend Anderson Silva

Jake Paul defeated UFC  Legend Anderson Silva by unanimous decision in  their Eight-round boxing.

The win brought Jake Paul to  6-0 in his professional career,  with his victory on Saturday possibly being his most impressive.

Silva took a backseat For  the majority of Round 1, letting Paul do most of the attacking.

In Round 2, Silva started   throwing some powerful jabs  and playing some mind games.

In Round 3 over 80 punches  were thrown between the two fighters and Silva's face was bloodied in the round as well.

Unofficial scoring after four  rounds had Paul leading 39-37, but each round was equally  likely to go either way.

Paul Predicted a fifth-round knockout, but Silva had his  finest round of the evening with  a ton of strikes in that round.

The Sixth round became a  street fight, because both  boxers battled along the ropes  and threw jab after jab for the  final 20 seconds.

Through seven, the unofficial  score was 68-65 Paul, forcing Silva to play as aggressively  as he had all night but Paul  was able to knock him down.

Silva deserves a lot of respect despite the outcome at 47, he matched with an athlete in the peak of his career and  survived all eight rounds.

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