Kyler Murray, Kliff Kingsbury downplay heated argument 

Both quarterback Kyler Murray  and Arizona Cardinals coach  Kliff Kingsbury played down a  testy discussion that was captured on camera in the  second quarter.

Following their 42-34 victory  over the New Orleans Saints on Thursday night, which ended  an eight-game home losing  streak,

Murray could be seen mouthing "Calm the f—- down" repeatedly  as he walked to the sidelines.

Kingsbury after Arizona took  a timeout to plan its next play  with 2:32 left in the second quarter.

Murray stated, "The clock was going down and we couldn't  have finished the play we were trying to run. "Therefore, I  suppose it is my fault.  I'll accept."

Murray moved to the sideline where wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins served as a mediator  and continued to yell at  Kingsbury.

Murray remarked, "He gets  really heated over there on the sidelines sometimes.

Murray denied that Kingsbury  was shouting at him through  the earpiece on his helmet.

Before attempting to make  light of the issue, Kingsbury referred to it as a disagreement  of opinion.

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