Lakers shooting woes continue in loss to Clippers

The Los Angeles Lakers, led  by LeBron James, are 0-2 to  open the season, and it is becoming painfully evident  that they are unable to shoot.

The Los Angeles Lakers shot  just 35.1% from the field and made just nine of 45 attempts  from three-point range in a  103-97 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night.

The Lakers are currently  19-85 from three this season  after a 10-for-40 night against  the Golden State Warriors.

James remarked on Thursday night, "If we have to rely on [adequate outside shooting] in every game, then we're  in danger."

"As a result, I don't worry or consider that. It depends on  how fervently we play, how aggressively we play, and how committed we are to going out every night and competing.

We must defend. We'll give ourselves an excellent chance  to prevail when we defend.

Russell Westbrook, a guard  with the Lakers, had a very difficult time from the field  against the Clippers, missing  all 11 of his shots and only managing two points in 27 minutes.

According to the LA Times, Westbrook remarked after  the game, "Solid, played hard,  all you can ask for." "Go to the  next one," I said.

The Lakers are having a  difficult start to the season as  they attempt to recover from a season in which they went  from being the favourites  to win the Western Conference  to missing the playoffs.

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