Lego’s Latest is a Customisable Table Football Set Designed  by a Fan

Prior to the release of the Lego Ideas Table Football kit, Lego  had a table football playset.

The original concept for the Lego Ideas collection came from a fan  in the form of 16-year-old  Hungarian Donát Fehérvári.

It costs $250/£242, which is relatively pricey when compared  to other recent huge Lego sets.

However, the 2339-piece set is portable (it is 41 cm long and 29 cm wide) and can be carried somewhere else to play.

It becomes accessible in the beginning of November.

Before participating in a battle,  you can design each team, which is five-a-side, by selecting from  60 distinct pieces.

A total of 22 different minifigures with a variety of haircuts, facial expressions, and skin tones can  be assembled for play or viewing.

Marcus Rashford of Manchester United and England is featured in the introduction video for the new Lego set with soccer great  Thierry Henry.

It was up to Lego designer Antica Bracanov to make the concept a reality.

According to her, "Donat's design champions the shared emotional rollercoaster that football fans go through while watching games.

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