Meet the (anti) heroes  of ‘Black Adam’

Just when you believed you  had memorised the majority  of the names of the ever- growing Suicide Squad,

In "Black Adam," DC casts a  fresh group of antiheroes in an effort to dominate the box office.

Meet the Justice Society of America (JSA), a group of superheroes whose goal is to subdue Black Adam, the titular antihero, or at the very least,  give him better control.

Although you won't recognise these characters from previous movies (apart from a brief appearance by Dwayne "The  Rock" Johnson), they have  been comic book mainstays  for many years.

Superhuman strength and speed, magic, flight, lightning bolts, and  a long life are only a few  examples of powers.

Black Adam - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Powers include flight, super intelligence, and sorcery.

Doctor Fate - Pierce  Brosnan

Powers: Superhuman  strength, flight, and total  mastery of warfare

Hawkman - Aldis  Hodge

Wind-controlling abilities

Cyclone - Quintessa  Swindell

Having the ability to become  large at will and then contract  again

Atom Smasher - Noah  Centineo

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