Phillies win Pennant by overcoming injury, Rallying together

Without Bryce Harper, the Philadelphia Phillies would not have won the National League  title in 2022.

But they also claim that if Harper had not injured his thumb this summer, they would not have  gone through with it.

The Philadelphia Phillies  were in third place with a 37-35 record when Harper was injured  on June 25 at San Diego.

They had to dig deeper within themselves during the two  months he was away or give  up for the season.

Catcher J.T. Realmuto  remarked, "That's where we  truly gelled." "Together, we  had to come up with several strategies for triumph.

To try to bind the crew together,  we simply did a lot of enjoyable things together. We soon  began to play more  enjoyable games."

They relied on Rob Thomson,  the new temporary manager,  for direction. For the many  rookies on the squad, they established a daycare in Philadelphia.

They planned more team  dinners while travelling. They  also sang karaoke.

The Phillies celebrated their success on Sunday night in  South Philadelphia, even  singing karaoke.

With one swing that will always  be remembered here, Harper  lifted the remaining players the final 382 feet as they inched  closer to the World Series.

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