Police investigating  after private photos of athletes shared online

The athletic department and women's volleyball team at the University of Wisconsin are  looking for explanations after confidential player images and videos were posted online.

The athletic department didn't provide any additional  information in a statement  about the images and video.

A source provided a picture to  the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, claiming it to be one of the photographs in dispute.

It looks to have been taken  during the team's Big Ten championship victory in  November.

The images and video were  not meant to be made public, according to UW.

The statement read, "UWPD is  not investigating the volleyball student-athletes for  wrongdoing in this matter."

"Supporting our student- athletes is our first concern, and we are giving them the necessary services and resources."

UW claims that team members informed the campus police as soon as they became aware  that the pictures were being shared.

The police are looking into a number of offences, including publishing private images  without permission, according  to a statement from the sports department.

According to the statement,  "The unauthorised sharing is a serious and wrongful  infringement of the student-athletes' privacy, including possible violations of university policies and legal statutes."

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