Selma Blair leaves  DWTS amid health concerns shares  final dance

Selma Blair has performed her  last waltz on "Dancing with the Stars."

The actress, who revealed in  2018 that she had been  diagnosed with multiple  sclerosis, ruled the "DWTS"  ball room in Season 31 with  waltzes, tangos, and more.

Before quitting the competition  on Monday to concentrate  on her health, she performed a rumba and even a quickstep to  the "Muppets" theme tune.

While rehearsing for the following dance, Blair, 50, informed her partner Sasha Farber that she would need to withdraw from  the competition once the results of her MRIs from her doctor were received.

Blair sobbed as she remarked,  "I can't continue with the competition." I exerted all of  my effort.

"With a chronic condition, there  are specific factors to take into account, and my body is  obviously feeling the strain,"

who, for five weeks, has been dancing on the competition  show.

"It's just too much for my bones' safety; there's really intense  bone trauma and inflammation among rips and tears so I can inflict significant damage that,  of course, I don't want."

The actress from "Cruel  Intentions" claimed that her  final dance was for "everyone  who has tried and believes they could do more, but also the  power in realising when it's  time to walk away."

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