Stephen A. Smith suggests he's underpaid because he's Black

Stephen A. Smith, an ESPN broadcaster, is one of the  most well-known sports  figures in the business.

According to the New York  Post in 2021, Smith's annual  salary under his current  contract with ESPN is  roughly $8 million.

He also has a "$4 million per  year production" deal,  according to the story.

According to The Athletic,  Smith received $12 million  in total salary.

Smith and the "First Take"  panel addressed the World  Series on Friday between the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies.

The first time since 1950 that neither team's roster contained  any Black players who were  born in the United States.

"We remain Black in this  nation. We don't always have  faith in this nation's system  of meritocracy.

We are aware of the fact that, same to how women are paid  less than their male  colleagues,

According to Smith, Blacks  are paid less than their White counterparts.

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