Tanya Tucker documentary and relationship with  Brandi Carlile

Tanya Tucker pauses her  hysterical laughter. She is sitting  in the busy upstairs club of Nashville's Belcourt Theater  while sipping a powerful mixture  of tequila and ruby red grapefruit juice.

The documentary "The Return  of Tanya Tucker: Featuring  Brandi Carlile," which has won numerous awards, recently had  its Nashville Film Festival  premiere to standing  ovations.

In addition to her gold-studded black jean jacket and golden Betsey Johnson boots, Tucker's smile is equally as radiant.

She has been in the fourth "relaunch" of her erratic, fifty- year career for three years. The documentary is planned for release on October 21.

The two 2020 Grammy awards  she received for her 25th studio album, "While I'm Livin'," which Carlile and Shooter Jennings jointly produced.

The documentary's 100+  minutes of entertaining  stream-of-consciousness focus mostly on the Americana star,  who is 41 years old.

Carlile achieving career  highs unmatched by any other person and being forced to pull,

Although Tucker greatly  influenced Carlile's legendary  body of work, the singer of  "Delta Dawn" is, in Miranda Lambert's words, "mad in the greatest way."

Carlile compared the challenge  to Rick Rubin's efforts to revive Johnny Cash's career from 1994  to 2010 with the "American Recordings" series.

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