Taylor Swift returns to pop with deeply  personal Midnights

Before "Folklore" and " Evermore," Taylor Swift could  not have been the Taylor  Swift of "Midnights."

This Swift has drilled down a couple more layers and has  never shied away from exposing  a vein of vulnerability.

Swift sets a high bar for  herself with her 10th studio  album by not only sharing her  most intimate thoughts with us, but also doing so with poetic  grace and a higher calibre  of narrative.

Her confidence as a songwriter increased as a result of the enthusiastic response to the  spare musicality and unfiltered emotion on her most recent  two albums.

Listening to "Midnights" at  the witching hour enhances so many aspects of the song. In a pitch-black room wearing headphones,

Swift seems to be telling stories about her life and using her inventive wordplay directly.

11 of the 13 songs on the  album were created by Jack Antonoff, a longstanding collaborator of Swift. She  explores her past with  Antonoiff's help and leaves a seductive trail of breadcrumbs.

Prior to the release of the  album, she filmed a series of  web videos called "Midnight's Mayhem With Me."

Swift claimed that "Mad Men" informed her of the word  "Lavender Haze," which was  used in the 1950s and  signified "you were in an all-encompassing love glow."

Swift recounts a romance with  "the one I was dancing with in  New York" while using a wide variety of adjectives and well-timed expletives.

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