The School for Good  and Evil Review

In "The School for Good and Evil," "Harry Potter" and "Descendants" are combined with a hint of "Romeo and Juliet." It is indeed  as cramped as that sounds.

With a running period of 2 12 hours, this enormous, magnificent voyage is obviously far too  long, yet very little do we  notice any glimmers.

As he did with "Bridesmaids,"  "The Heat," and "A Simple Favor,"  he is once again depicting a  tale of female friendship,  complete with all of its highs  and lows and unique problems.

However, it also has a strong cast that includes Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, and Michelle Yeoh, all of which have the potential to be successful.

Gobbled away by the excessive dependence on action scenes  with CGI.

The School for Good and Evil 5

Both empty and never-ending,  they frequently make you wonder what is happening and why we should bother.

In "The School for Good and  Evil," two distinctly different teenage best friends watch out  for one another in a challenging environment.

Little Sophie (Sophia Anne  Caruso) aspires to be a princess and is a blonde version of Cinderella;

Agatha (Sofia Wylie), who is  taller and has wilder hair, lives  with her mother in a cabin in the woods where they mix potions;

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