The Story Behind  Netflix's Luckiest  Girl Alive

In her former high school, Ani FaNelli (Mila Kunis) is seated in front of stained-glass windows.

The elite and exclusive suburban Philadelphia Bradley School.

She is nervous as she discusses a school shooting that occurred in this area 20 years ago and the allegations surrounding it with an independent documentary filmmaker.

The director informs her, "You're blessed to have a mother who got you a lawyer and backed you." Not everyone possesses that.

Ani remains silent as she remembers a time when her mother didn't accept her version of the facts.

Her mother hisses, "You disgust me. You are not the daughter I reared, I've said.

She briefly returns to the present. “Hmm. Yes. Very fortunate," she replies, hardly managing to hold back her rage and pain. The luckiest girl alive is in this room.

On Friday, the Netflix original  film Luckiest Girl Alive, based  on the same-named 2015 book, will be available.

According to Knoll, "the automatic response is to denigrate Ani as superficial and vacuous."

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