Tom Brady farewell  tour is turning into a Tampa Bay train wreck

Another tight end who has not  yet retired, Rob Gronkowski  might not be sufficient to  prevent the anticipated Tom  Brady Farewell Tour from  ending in a complete disaster.

Brady has lost seven straight games and is below.500 for the first time since 2002 after collapsing in dramatic fashion against Carolina and  losing, 21-3.

For a Tampa Bay Buccaneers  team that is thought to be a  Super Bowl contender, it is  pretty desperate behaviour.

Yes, there is still time to make changes. The Buccaneers  (3-4) are still clinging onto first place in the NFL's weakest  division despite the fact that  the season hasn't even  halfway over.

Early season games were brutal  for Brady; the post-Lawyer  Milloy fiasco and a loss in  Kansas City are two examples from his time as Patriots coach.

Because of his tenacity and  ability to overcome obstacles, Brady, or TB12 as he is known  in the marketing world, has  earned seven rings.

Brady and company were  defeated by the 1-5 Carolina Panthers a week after being defeated by the 1-4 Pittsburgh Steelers.

It may not be time to panic,  but it is undoubtedly time to  deal with desperation.

Brady passed the ball 49 times  for 290 yards, which is definitely too many considering the Buccaneers only attempted  16 runs.

When you don't connect a ball  to a wide receiver for more  than 20 yards, you only  average 5.9 yards per attempt.

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