Tom Brady says there is 'no retirement in my future'

Tom Brady has thrown just  eight touchdown passes in six games this year, and he has  finally begun to appear  somewhat human.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers'  20.2 points per game rank 20th  in the NFL, yet his 1,652 passing yards still rank seventh.

Brady has been in the news  due to divorce rumours, which  has prompted discussion about  the possibility of his retiring in  the middle of the season.

Brady retired in February  but declared he had unfinished business after only 40 days.

When questioned about maybe retiring in the middle of the season, the 45-year-old  refused.

"There will be no retirement  in my future," the athlete declared. "I love the sport, I love my teammates, and I want to  perform a fantastic job for this team like I always have."

He initially made a joke about being on the microphone to formally announce his  retirement. He did not specify  how long there would be "no retirement," though.

Brady remarked, "I don't believe  it's very fun for any of us if you lose. "So I believe we simply  need to go play better.

I believe that's the truth when it comes to solving many  problems; I have definitely  been a part of seasons where  we haven't played to our  potential; I don't think it's as  fun for anyone.

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