Tom Brady vows he  won't retire from Bucs the midseason

In a podcast interview,  Brady reaffirmed that he has  no plans to retire early.

The deplorable Carolina  Panthers handed the Tampa  Bay Buccaneers their worst  defeat of the early NFL season,  a 21-3 thrashing.

That has everyone wondering  if Tom Brady, a potential Hall of Fame quarterback, will retire in  the middle of the season.

Brady was questioned by Jim  Gray on his most recent "Let's  Go!" podcast on whether he still enjoys playing the sport.

The Buccaneers have struggled  to win games lately, and the offense is to blame for that; he  has appeared somewhat depressed in recent weeks.

Absolutely, he responded. "Man, it's a hard sport we've picked and it's tough, I was telling you  this morning when I was conducting therapy," I said.

You are put to the test on all  levels—physically,  psychologically, and  emotionally.

And without a doubt, at the  point we're at, this is when  you have to dig deep and  discover who you really are,  what kind of character you  have, and what your values  as a team are.

When faced with difficulty, do  you support one another or not? Every time we enter the playing field, that is what we are all attempting to determine.

There is "no retiring in my future," Brady said in response to the retirement query before the loss  to Carolina. On the podcast, he reaffirmed those remarks.

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