Tom Hanks reprises  'SNL' Halloween  character David S. Pumpkins

Hanks debuted the popular Pumpkins role on "SNL" in 2016 and has since portrayed the legendary performer on  numerous occasions.

During a surprise appearance  on Saturday Night Live, Tom Hanks replicated the popular Halloween character David S. Pumpkins.

For a sketch with Mikey Day,  the Academy Award–winning  actor had no trouble getting  into the creepy mood.

Bobby Moynihan, a former  cast member who danced  with Hanks while dressed  as a skeleton.

For the scene, Hanks wore his trademark black suit  embellished with vibrant  orange jack-o'-lanterns.

Before entering the Cellblock  666 fright zone, Harlow asked  his pals to record him if he  passed out and upload it online.

In his capacity as the tour  guide and warden, Kenan Thompson noted, "Each cell houses classic frights  from the silver screen."

Before the haunted doll  Annabelle emerged in the  cell on the SNL spoof, Michael Myers suddenly appeared to frighten the crew.

Frightening clown To frighten  the group, Pennywise emerged from a different cellblock.

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