Tua's return sets big stage for Dolphins and NFL new concussion rules

After one concussion, two unpleasant falls that were  repeated on national radio and television,

Three weeks of Miami  Dolphins losses in a row, four  head injury specialists were consulted, and more

In their Sunday Night  Football matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the  Dolphins will start Tagovailoa.

Particularly after recalling the terrible episode in Cincinnati where Tagovailoa's head was struck and his arms were  pinned above his head in  a fencing response.

Just four days after taking  another fall but avoiding a concussion and returning to  defeat the Bills on September  25 when he was carried off the field on a stretcher.

"I wouldn't say it was  frightening for me at the  moment because I briefly  lost consciousness.

In his first press conference following his concussion  against the Bengals,  Tagovailoa said this week.

"I can clearly recall the entire evening up until the moment I  was tackled. I don't have many memories of the period right  after I was tackled.

Although there will be a lot on  the line, Tagovailoa's return to  the field will be another  primetime extravaganza in  front of a national audience.

In an effort to win their fourth game of the year, the Dolphins. They are commemorating their perfect 1972 season, which  is 50 years old.

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