10 Best Budget Refrigerators in  India 2022

01. Samsung 253L RT28A3453S8 Refrigerator

02. Whirlpool 440L double Door Refrigerator

03. LG 260L GL-T292RPZY Refrigerator

04. Godrej 236L RF EON 236B 25HI Refrigerator

05. Hisense 564L Side- by-side Door Refrigerator

06. Amazon Basics 305L Refrigerator

07. Samsung 253L RT28A3453S8 Refrigerator

08. LG 260L GL-I292RPZX Refrigerator

09. Whirlpool 500L INTELLIFRESH Refrigerator

10. Midea 584L MRFS5920SSLF refrigerator

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